Minimum system requirement not met

I use a computer that's now over 7 years old, a P4 3Ghz, XP 32 bit, 2.5 Gig of RAM, nVidia 8400 GS graphics card with 512 MB, and this game (and other modern graphic intensive games) run fine on it. So, your computer should have no problems running it I would think.

However, here's a couple of suggestions you might try that could help:

* Does the game launch at all? If so, from the in-game menu options, try adjusting some of the graphic sound settings to see if it makes any difference.

* Go into the folder where you have The Witcher installed, and probably within the system folder you'll find the main game executable (exe) files, right click on the exe files, Properties, compatibility, and perhaps select something such as one of the XP modes. Also be sure the Steam client and the game's exe files are set to run as Administrator which you can do in a similar way.

* Be sure to close or disable other background programs (such as anti-virus, messengers, etc. ) before launching the game as other programs might cause conflicts or hurt performance.

* Disable the Steam overlay for this game as it has been known to cause some problems with The Witcher. From your games Library, right-click on The Witcher, Properties, un-check the Enable Steam community in-game option.

* If you're not able to launch the game at all to adjust some of the settings, then there's a possible work-around for how you may be able to do it. See one of my previous posts for more info on this: 4#post16111344

Hopefully something of that will be of some help.

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Bummer. So did you try the last suggestion that was on the link I posted? Still no luck?

A couple of other things that come to mind; You mentioned you updated your drivers, which I'm assuming graphic drivers as well. a mistake that a lot of people make is they don't un-install currently installed drivers before installing a different version. If you just install a newer version over-top of a current driver installation, there is sometimes a chance that there is something left over from the previous version that can conflict with the newer version you try installing. Some people also use a driver-cleaner utility to help ensure that all files associated with a current driver installation is completely removed.

A free utility I use to help me with this when I decide to upgrade my graphic drivers is Driver Cleaner Pro. There's still freeware versions of it that you can get, such as at: leaner_pro.cfm
There's a couple of misleading links (advertisements) on that page, but look for the Download. Filesize 2.69 MB link next to a little disk-icon picture towards the top portion of that page.
This utility should work for both nVidia and ATI drivers.

Once fully cleaning off the drivers installation, then try installing a recent version again and see if it helps. Remember to reboot the computer after removing the drivers, and reboot again after installing new drivers.

I noticed you have an ATI card, so perhaps there's also some tweaks or settings you could do from the ATI Tray / Tools that could help to get this game running as well (perhaps turn of Adaptive Anti-Aliasing, as I seem to recall having that feature on can cause some games not to work properly).

If it's still not working, I may have a couple more suggestions up my sleeve. Good luck!

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Found some info that may help to bypass the Minimum System Requirements check:

Go to your installation directory (..\The Witcher\System\) in there you have the file Witcher.exe, right click and create a shortcut.

Put the short cut on your desktop.

Right click on the shortcut, go to properties, Change the target to have the switch like this

Or, alternatively, you may be able to do via Steam client (not sure though) by right-clicking The Witcher from your games list, Properties, Set Launch Options, then add the: -dontForceMinReqs command there.

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FIX: The Witcher Minimum system requirements not met.

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For Steam
To get this to work on steam, open steam, right click on the witcher, click properties, click set launch options, put the
-dontForceMinReqs there, click ok

Go to your installation directory (..\The Witcher\System\) in there you have the file. right click and create a shortcut.

Put the short cut on your desktop.

Right click on the shortcut, go to properties, Change the target to have the switch like this

..\The Witcher\System\ -dontForceMinReqs


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